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The Lost Art of Ladyhood


Olivia Hales


Outstanding, Young Adult, Jessie Funk, Teenage, Self-Exploration, Inspiring, Self-Help, Psychology, Girl-Talk

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Book Review


In this book, there are twelve chapters, each covering one of twelve skills: confidence, leadership, gratitude, self-defense, social and dining etiquette, service, health, motherhood, positive mental attitude, personal power, self-respect, and goal setting. Each chapter includes several “tales of adventure" from the author’s own experience, one or more “tools” or strategies for problem recognition and solving, and a “challenge” that encourages the reader to break down, analyze, and plan for their own situation. Interspersed are “journal times” that provide an opportunity to record positive self attributes, or identify personal patterns of thought. Each chapter may contain a synopsis of scientific studies or a quiz designed to gauge areas of weakness or strength.