Beverly Jones


Dependable, Primary, Tracey Hecht, Josie Yee, Nocturnal Animals, Animals, Adventure, Snake, Friends

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Book Review


This particular installment in The Nocturnals series is suited for children in grades one and two. Bismark, the fearless leader, is ready to embark on another exciting adventure. But Bismark finds out he is more of a fearful leader when he and his friends have an unwelcome encounter with a sly, slithery snake. The snake wants to make a snack out of Bismark, the small sugar glider, but that won’t happen with Tobin the pangolin and Dawn the fox around. The three friends realize that you can be “scared and brave, too” and they send that sneaky snake right back where he came from. A bully doesn’t stand a chance when good friends are on your side!