Article Title

Wed Wabbit


Karen Abbott


Excellent, Intermediate, Lissa Evans, Courage, Fantasy, Rabbit, Wimbley Woos, Cooperation, Helping, Family

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Book Review


Fidge is excited to go on vacation with her mother and sister, but she needs swimming fins for the trip. On the day before they leave, Fidge becomes increasingly irritated with her mother and younger sister, Minnie, who wile away the time until it is too late to get her fins. Angry, Fidge accidentally kicks her sister's favorite toy, Wed Wabbit, into the street and Minnie runs after it. While her mother waits with Minnie to come out of her comma in the hospital, Fidge is sent to stay with her aunt and uncle and her odious cousin. In a mighty lightning strike, Fidge and her whiny cousin are sent to the land of the Wimbly Woos where she must cooperate with her cousin and her sister's favorite toys to bring Wed Wabbit back to Minnie and rescue the kingdom.