Article Title

The End of the Wild


Emma Patton


Excellent, Intermediate, Nicole Heiget, Nature, Grief, Forgiveness, Poverty, Family, Friendship, Custody

Document Type

Book Review


Fern is only in sixth grade, but she already grows gray hair. That makes sense, in a way, because she has a lot to worry about. Her mother and baby brother died in a car accident two years ago, so Fern takes care of her two little brothers and stepfather. Armed with her mother’s cookbook and all the ingredients she can find in the forest near her house, she works to put food on the table, keep her brothers out of trouble, and impress her teachers. It’s tricky to balance it all, but Fern’s wealthy, bossy grandfather wants Fern and her brothers to come live with him, and Fern knows that if she can keep everything under control, her grandpa won’t be able to break the family apart. But when unfamiliar trucks rumble into the forest, Fern realizes that the forest that she forages to feed her family, where she can always feel her mother’s presence, might be in danger. And if she loses the forest, maybe everything else will fall apart too.