Article Title

Among the Red Stars


Tessara Garrett


Outstanding, Young Adult, Bwen C. Katz, War; Pilot; World War II; Airwoman; Russia

Document Type

Book Review


Valka wants nothing more than to be an airwoman like Marina Raskova. When World War II strikes Russia she may finally have her chance to go to war and become a famous fighter pilot! But the Red Army doesn’t want her. What’s worse, her childhood friend, Pasha, is drafted. Then fortune strikes. Marina Raskova herself is organizing and training all-female air force regiments. Valka enlists and soon finds herself piloting a night bomber. She and her fellow airwomen take to the skies to defend the Motherland and prove themselves as legitimate pilots. War is not what Valka expected, and she soon grows to wonder what she is fighting for. In the end, she faces a choice between betraying her country and saving the life of her dear Pasha. Knowing that she faces a traitor’s death, she chooses Pasha.