Kaley Durney


Outstanding, Mo O'Hara, Marek Jagucki, Primary, Camping, Family, Scientist, Zombie, Goldfish, Friendship

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Book Review


This book has two stories. In the first, Tom’s dad takes Tom, his brother Mark, his friend Pradeep, and Pradeep's family to go Eel Bay. While staying at a lighthouse, Mark has an evil plan to capture an eel and turn it into a zombie. Mark;s plan sort of works when lightning strikes the lighthouse and turns it into an electric eel. In the end, Tom and Pradeep save the eel and help turn him from evil. The second story is about Tom and Pradeep auditioning for the school play. Pradeep gets the main lead and Tom gets a supporting cast part. Mark has an evil plan, and Frankie ends up taking center stage to save the school play.