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Boy's Best Friend


Cynthia Frazier


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Kate Banks And Rupert Sheldrake, Juvenile Fiction, Extrasensory Perception In Animals, School Science Projects, Moving Friendship, Cape Cod, Dogs, Friendship

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Book Review


‘Moving is fun and change can be positive.' No matter how many times Lester says that mantra to himself, it doesn’t help. His still misses Colorado, his old neighborhood, and his friends. Everything is different in Cape Cod, even the water and air are different. His only friend is his golden retriever, Bill Gates. On the other hand, a classmate George, who has lived in Cape Cod all his life, is missing his very best and oldest friend who just moved to another state. He feels that the only real friend he has left is his border collie, Bart. Finding many similarities, particularly thinking that their dogs are the ‘smartest dog in the world,' they start a shared science project, measuring how often and when each dog starts waiting for his master to come home, for the school Science Fair. George starts emailing a scientist, Dr. Sheldrake, who has written a book on this topic and he corresponds back with ideas and advice. George and Lester learn a lot about animal behavior, the scientific method, and friendship.