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Dependable, Intermediate, Elizabeth Scott, Novel, Teen, Tradegy, Tragedy, Survivor's Guilt

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Book Review


A young girl's life is changed forever after she becomes the lone survivor of a devastating plane crash. She is marked by sadness, guilt, and a sense of nothingness. To Meggie, nothing matters anymore, not even Jess and Lissa, who used to be her very best friends. She leaves school early as often as she stays. She desperately tries to avoid the soccer coach for whom she once performed her best at the sport she loved. She is stuck in a bliss of nothingness and doesn’t know what to do about it. Her parents refuse to admit anything is wrong with her, that she’s anything short of a miracle who survived against disparaging odds. She is left to untangle the mess in her mind and set herself free of the visions that haunt her. There are a few who cross her path that may be of some assistance. But it is only she who can decide whether or not she will let them in long enough to help her heal.