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Cynthia Frazier


Dependable, Young Adult, Lauren Gibaldi, Young Adult Fiction, Adoption, Birth Mother, Love, Romance, Dating, Photography, College Life

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Book Review


Maude had tried before to find out information about her birth mother, Claire, but this time she would be traveling to the actual town where Claire had gone to college. Not only would Maude be able to complete her High School photography project about her family tree, she would stay with her best friend Treena in her dorm and experience what college life at Florida State is really like. Things did not go as planned. Her best friend seemed to be so involved with parties, her new boyfriend and breaking away from her strict Indian parents that Maude felt hurt and betrayed. Luckily, a boy in Treena’s dorm stepped in and offered to show Maude around and help her locate people who knew her mother. Finding answers about the kind of person her mother had been caused Maude to wonder about the life she would have led had she not been given up for adoption. She came to realize that change is a part of life and growth, that peer pressure is real, and that family relationships make all the difference in the world.