Kaley Durney


Outstanding, Camille Androse, Brianne Farley, Preschool, Primary, Scientist, Experiment, Space, Family, Rabbit

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Book Review


Charlotte has everything she needs to be a scientist, except for space. Charlotte's family makes her feel squished and that is a problem. Luckily Charlotte knows the scientific method. The steps to the scientific method are ask a question, form a hypothesis, experiment, make and record observations, and form a conclusion. Charlotte takes each step very carefully and find out that the only way to get space is to go live in space. Charlotte makes a carrot shaped rocket ship and flies out to space! In the beginning Charlotte loves it—she can be a scientist and can have her own space. Except there is a problem. She doesn’t have anyone to talk to, and there’s no one to eat with. Charlotte goes through the scientific method and find out that the best place for her to be is on earth with her family.