Lisi Merkley


Excellent, Young Adult, Tomi Adeyemi, Africa, Fantasy, Race, Magic, Adventure, Family, Romance

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Book Review


After witnessing her mother’s murder, Zelie is left in a world where she is an outcast. Years ago the king of Orïsha ordered that all maji—people endowed with magical powers from the gods—be killed and as the maji died, so did magic. When the king’s daughter, Amari, steals a scroll that brings back these magical powers, she fortuitously runs into Zelie and her brother, Tzain, and the three of them begin a quest to bring back magic. As they struggle to find the other artifacts necessary to perform the magic-saving spell, they are hunted down by Amari’s brother, Inan, who isn’t quite sure about how he feels about magic or his newfound powers. The closer they get to success, the harder it is to know what is right and whether or not their quest will benefit society.