Megan Hall


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Shaina Rudolph, Daielle Royer, Jennifer Zivoin, Autism, Self-Acceptance, School, Mothers And Sons, Zebra, Empathy

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Book Review


All My Stripes tells the story of Zane, a young zebra with autism. The story begins when he comes home and tells his mom about the horrible day he had. Zane did not want to paint like the other students, did not know how to talk to them, and drew differently than them. He feels misunderstood and does not like how everyone only sees his autism stripe. But in talking with his mom, Zane learns that his autism is just one of his many stripes. Zane’s mother helps him see the many other talents and abilities he has. Zane has much to offer to the other boys and girls at school. All My Stripes highlights the difficulties faced by children with autism, and helps readers develop empathy towards them that will shape future interactions with those children.