Article Title

From Ant to Eagle


Taylor Harris


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Alex Lyttle, Cancer, Grief, Death, Family, Love, Brothers, Sickness, Hospitals

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Book Review


After moving to what seems like the middle of nowhere, Cal is stuck with no one to play with except his six-year-old brother, Sammy. He can get Sammy to do almost anything by promising him a level in the system that he made up, promoting his brother from Ant to higher levels, with Sammy hoping to reach the Eagle status that his brother has. When a new girl, Aleta, moves in, Cal starts spending more time with her and less time with Sammy. Meanwhile, Sammy starts getting sick. Once school starts, they find out that Sammy has cancer. After that, life starts falling apart. Cal is worried constantly for Sammy, his parents start fighting, and he starts distancing himself from Aleta. After a long battle with cancer, Sammy passes away. Cal finds that even though it is hard and sad, with the help of his family and friends, they are going to be able to get through this together.