Article Title

The Fearless


Melissa Heaton


Excellent, Emma Pass, Young Adult, Doomsday, Action, Journey, Dystopian

Document Type

Book Review


Society has been invaded by the Fearless: human beings injected with a scientific serum that makes them immune to all emotion. As the emotionless monsters kill and pillage communities all over the world, Cass and her family escape to a man-made island off the coast of Britain called Hope Island. The small community of survivors are safe for several years until Fearless breach the seawalls and take Cass’s little brother Jori. Cass is desperate to save Jori from becoming Fearless, or worse, dead. She escapes the island with a prisoner named Myo and returns to the mainland. Cass and Myo encounter terrifying obstacles and several run-ins with the Fearless, but eventually Cass is reunited with her brother.