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House of Furies


Karen Abbott


Excellent, Young Adult, Madeleine Roux, Iris Compiet, Spirits, Ghosts, Devil, Dead, Haunting, Runaway, Spooky, Death

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Book Review


Louisa tells fortunes for pennies—it's how she gets by while living alone on the streets. While on her way to find some supper, an old crone turns her pennies into gold coins. Louisa is overjoyed. Dinner is now a sure thing. But when she tries to buy four meat pies with the gold coins, the baker accuses her of being a thief. The crone helps her hide and offers her a job as a maid. With a noose literally dangling in front of her nose, Louisa accepts the offer. They drive to Coldthistle House, where mysteries and mayhem overtake her good and bad intentions. Louisa learns more about herself, the world, and human nature than anyone really wants to know.