Article Title

Never That Far


Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, Carol Lynch Williams, Family, Multi-Generational, Grief, Fathers And Daughters, Grandfathers, Spirits

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Book Review


Libby Lochewood just lost Grampa Lochewood, her best friend and confidant. The night after the funeral, an angelic version of Libby’s grandfather visits her. He tells her she has the gift of seeing her deceased family members, and that he has left her a treasure somewhere in their nearby lake. Leaving her grieving father, Libby sets off to search the lake. However, several life-threatening experiences cause Libby to invite her friend Bobby to join her. When Libby’s dad finds out what she is doing, he forbids her from going to the lake. Libby tries to explain, but Libby’s dad refuses to listen. Eventually, after much prodding, Libby and her father finally go out on the lake. Libby’s father has a near death experience that helps him see how close his deceased loved ones are to him and Libby.