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Monsters Beware!


Olivia Hales


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Intermediate, Young Adult, Rafael Rosado, Jorge Aguirre, Monsters, Adventure, Magic, Sword, Family

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Book Review


Tomboy Claudette is the sort of hard core, no fluff, all grit, eight-year-old hero you’d expect to be crushing monsters on a daily basis. And that’s exactly what she plans on doing. Problem is, the warrior games have had their deadliness dialed down a bit. Claudette finds herself churning butter instead of putting minotaurs in a headlock. Claudette’s teammate and younger brother Gaston discovers that the team from the ocean kingdom is really monsters in disguise. Distressingly, no one believes him. While Claudette flounders outside of her element, her teammates scramble to outmaneuver their disguised foes. The ocean kingdom’s plot to free an evil wizard from being a lawn ornament is nearly realized when they win—but with their cover blown Claudette finally gets to kick some monster butt! With a touch of magical help from Gaston she saves the day.