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Kids Like Us


Meagan Andrus


Outstanding, Young Adult, Hilary Reyl, Autism Spectrum, Teenagers, France, Movie Making, Family Conflict, High School, Romance

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Book Review


Martin has just moved to France. He is on the autism spectrum and so has grown up believing that he is different from other people. His mom sends him to the public high school in the hopes that he might make some "normal" friends. At first, he struggles to find people who are interested in getting to know him. Thankfully, his favorite book in the whole world takes place in a small village in France. He begins to assign people in his life certain characters from the book and thinks of himself as the main character. Martin slowly learns throughout the novel that these real people in his life are not characters from a book. He is surprised to discover that even someone like him can be loved and respected by people who are different from him, as he forges ahead with his tentative friendships and romance.