Article Title

Cold Awakening: Frozen


Kenzie Pierce


Dependable, Robin Wasserman, Young Adult, Science, Technology, Social Isolation, Rebirth, Ethics

Document Type

Book Review


After her body is crushed beyond repair in a freak car accident, it is a miracle when Lia Kahn opens her eyes and finds herself inside a new, perfect body. Lia’s wealthy father paid for her to undergo “The Download,” which involves taking a person’s brain and transferring its human memories into a mechanical body. This procedure is miraculous, but Lia wishes more than anything that her parents would have let her die. They won’t touch her, she can’t eat or sleep, and her boyfriend won’t even look at her. Though she was once the most popular girl in school, Lia now feels alone, isolated, and hated by the world for being a “mech-head.” She finds herself entangled with a group of people like her who are determined to pit themselves, the “mechs,” against the “orgs,” the humans. Lia finds herself torn between the human she wants to be and the mech that that she has become, and she ultimately runs away from home to permanently join the mechs.