Article Title

The Last Place on Earth


Melissa Heaton


Dependable, Carol Snow, Young Adult, Doomsday, Family, Friendship, Pandemic

Document Type

Book Review


Henry Hawking is missing, and Daisy Cruz seems to be the only one who is concerned. Daisy breaks into the Hawking’s house where she discovers a cryptic note left by Henry. This leads Daisy on a desperate search to find her best friend. Another strange text from Henry leads Daisy to the mountains of Southern California where Henry’s family and other doomsday preppers have gone into hiding, terrified of the recent outbreak of the Madagascar Plague. After enduring a week of quarantine and not being allowed to go back to her family, Daisy is forced to call the strange community of the compound her home until a cure is found for the pandemic or society crumbles to extinction. Luckily, a cure is found, and Daisy is reunited with her family.