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Chris Bernier


Excellent, Barry Wolverton, Sam Nielson, Intermediate, Fantasy, Children, Animals, Puffin

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Book Review


A puffin named Lockley and his wife Lucy live on the frozen island of Neversink. To the southeast of them on the island of Tytonia lives a parliament of owls. Rozbell, a power hungry owl, kills the long-term king and rules in wickedness. A sickness has come upon the forest creatures of Tytonia which threatens the food supply of the owls, so Rozbell decides to put a fish tax on the puffins. One day, Lockley has had enough of the tax and pushes a large pile of fish back into the sea, which angers the sea goddess Sedna. Sedna removes the fish of the sea near Neversink and Tytonia, which Rozbell blames on the puffins, so Rozbell decides to start eating the puffins’ eggs to feed himself. Lockley decides to take a spirit journey and make a visit to Sedna. He succeeds in bringing back the fish, making peace in Neversink, and dethroning Rozbell.