Article Title

The Parker Inheritance


Taylor Harris


Excellent, Varian Johnson, Intermediate, Racism, Mystery, Treasure Hunt, PRejudice, Friendship, Revenge

Document Type

Book Review


Living in her grandma’s old house, Candice stumbles upon an old letter full of clues that promise a large sum of money. Intrigued, Candice and her new friend, Brandon, begin the hunt. Diving into the past to figure out what the clues could mean, they discover some of the troubled history of their town, Lambert. Eventually, they find out that the person who had created this treasure hunt was a young black man who left Lambert out of necessity and ended up passing as a white man. Because of his new identity, he was able to create a much better life for himself. After many years of seeking revenge, he decided to create this treasure to both help Lambert and to reveal the messy history of the past. Candice and Brandon solve the mystery and accomplish both goals.