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Just Like Us! Ants


Haley Cook


Excellent, Bridget Heos, David Clark, Primary, Ants, Science, Animals, Informational

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Book Review


Ants are more like us than we sometimes imagine. They work together as a community, each with their own role, to survive. They have occupations, including farmers, babysitters, leaders, trash collectors, and foragers. They care for their young and keep them well fed, hoping they will grow up strong in order for ant community to expand. They have defense mechanisms in place to help protect the community against predators, and even have soldiers who fight, just as humans do. They grow their own fungus and keep it fed with bits of chewed leaves, while the trash collectors pull unwanted materials from the fungus and dispose of them. Eventually, the babies that they have been caring for grow up and start their own communities of ants, just like human children do, although their process happens much quicker than humans.