Karen Abbott


Excellent, Intermediate, Dan Poblocki, Haunted House, Orphanage, Ghosts, Spirits, Supernatural, Spooky, Scary

Document Type

Book Review


Dash, Azumi, and Poppy are trapped on the grounds of Larkspur House when they come to a carnival that traps them in a mirror maze with the shadow creature pursuing them in the guise of Poppy's cousin Connie. They find their way out and discover an old garage where five previous children hid and left behind a walkman with a tape that gives the trio more clues. The three children conclude that they must go back into the house to destroy the contract that Poppy's uncle made with the shadow creature. They find their way to the artist's studio and with more clues they realize that they must find their way back to the picture of the five sided man from the second book. They succeed and the girls leave the mansion. Dash wants to free Dylan who is the only masked child left in the ruins. Dash and Dylan talk while the house crumbles around them in flames. Dylan is free as debris falls on Dash. The girls hear Dash moving and pull him from the rubble. Together they walk to the gate finally free of Larkspur House.