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Albert's Tree


Kylee Hackney


Dependable, Toddler, Preschool, Jenni Desmond, Friendship, Bear, Tree, Kindness, Patience

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Book Review


After a long hibernation, Albert can’t wait to get back to his favorite hang out spot. When he makes it to his special tree, he is startled when the tree suddenly begins wailing in tears! Time continues and Albert and his friends try everything to cheer the tree up. After Albert yells at the tree in absolute frustration, he finally decides to try a softer approach by climbing up to his branch and hugging the tree. To Albert’s astonishment he hears a small voice say, “I’m scared of the big hairy monster.” When he finds out the voice is from Owl, a fellow tree mate, the two can’t contain their laughter when they discover that Albert thought the Owl was the tree, and and Owl thought Bear was a big scary monster.