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Excellent, Young Adult, supernatural, teen romance, science-fiction

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Book Review


Jessa loves to write, and she pulls her inspiration from her dreams and imagination. Or so she thinks. When one of her characters, Finn, suddenly appears in front of her, Jessa learns that she is a Traveler who can enter alternate realities and inhabit various versions of herself. Unfortunately, many of the other versions of Jessa are being killed off, and Finn is determined to protect this Jessa. Guided by their Dreamers—supernatural beings that instruct interdimensional travel and assign missions to improve the various realities—Jessa and Finn try to track down the murderer. Jessa falls in love with Finn, much to the dismay of her non-Traveler friend Ben. When the attacker kidnaps Finn and threatens Jessa’s family, Ben accompanies Jessa on the rescue mission. The attacker is revealed and goes on the run, but Finn perishes. Jessa’s Dreamer attempts to comfort her by reminding her that there are other realities with Finn, but Jessa insists that each alternate “self” has a unique and real identity that should not be so easily dismissed.