Article Title

The Other Side of Summer


Melissa Secor


Outstanding, Young Adult, contemporary, Young Adult, fiction, middle grade

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Book Review


Thirteen-year-old Summer’s life turns upside-down when her older brother, Floyd, dies in a bombing incident at Waterloo Station in London. Her family is devastated, and life has suddenly lost its color. Stuck in a rut, her father decides that what they really need is a change of scenery. He packs up their small apartment in London and moves the family to Australia. Summer, her sister Wren, and their father find themselves in sunny Australia surrounded by strangers and without the presence of Floyd. The only thing Summer has to hold on to is Floyd’s old guitar. As Summer plays, a boy named Gabe is drawn to her music. Gabe is surrounded by mystery, and Summer must help him find out who he is before it’s too late.