Taylor Harris


Excellent, Primary, Intermediate, fish, Hawaii, Magic School Bus, fins, educational

Document Type

Book Review


Ms. Frizzle’s class decides to venture to Hawaii, where Wanda is set on finding a new animal friend to help save. She befriends a bluestripe snapper, whom she calls Becca Blue. Rather than enjoying her time in Hawaii with everyone else, Wanda constantly worries about Becca and how to help her. Ms. Frizzle’s class explores the sea using fishmobiles, submarines that have fins like fish. On an expedition in her fishmobile, Wanda tries to save Becca from a shark. However, her efforts are not needed as a school of bluestripe snapper fish come and confuse the shark. Then the shark traps Wanda, so Ms. Frizzle calls in her school of fishmobiles to save the day.