Article Title

The Grouchies


Kaley Durney


Excellent, Preschool, Grumpy, Social Skills, Family

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Book Review


The Grouchies are here to stay for the day. They make him feel gloomy and grumpy to the point that his mom is wondering where his smile is. He goes to his sisters room where she’s playing with his teddy bear—the grouchies remind him that if he’s not nice he’ll get his way. Sister’s not happy and neither is his mom, the grouchies are still with him as he goes to the park to play. The grouchies jump and sing their song as he kicks sand at his friends because they didn’t invite him. Dad is now taking him home while grouchies follow along. It’s now the end of the day nobody is happy, his Mom and Dad are helping him learn how to fight back the grouchies. He starts feeling better and he gets a good night's rest. Tomorrow will be a better day because he won’t let the grouchies push him out of bed.