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The Disappearances


Taylor Nelson


Outstanding, Young Adult, Supernatural, Blessing and cursing, Brothers and sisters, Secrets, Mystery and detective stories

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Book Review


When Aila Quinn’s mother, Juliet, dies, Aila and her brother are sent to live with the Clifftons in Sterling, Juliet’s childhood home. They very quickly realize that Sterling is a town full of mystery and tragedy. Every seven years, something important disappears: scents, reflections, colors, music, etc. No one knows the cause of these Disappearances, but Sterling harbors suspicions that Juliet was somehow responsible. Following a chain of clues her mother left behind, Aila determines to break the curse and clear her mother’s name. Realizing the Disappearances are mysteriously linked to Shakespeare, Aila teams up with a few friends (and some enemies) to finally put the Bard to rest, bring back the things that have disappeared, and find love and family amid tragedy and grief.