Article Title

The Big F


Katelyn Osborn


Dependable, Young Adult, college, graduation, failure, family, romance, crush

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Book Review


Danielle has her life all planned out, but everything falls apart when she doesn’t pass English and her early admission to Ohio State is revoked. When the truth comes out at the worst possible time, Danielle finds herself at odds with her mother and with no plans for the future. Begrudgingly, she enrolls at Denton Community College, where she reunites with her childhood crush Luke. She also gets a job at the campus bookstore and meets Porter, one of Luke’s roommates, who seems intent on ignoring her. As Danielle works through the semester, through her maddeningly difficult English course, and through her relationship with her mother, Luke and Porter are there at every step to be the perfect boyfriend and the almost-friendly coworker, respectively. And in the end, only Danielle can decide if she’ll make the ‘Big F’ the best or the worst thing to ever happen to her.