Tessara Garrett


Dependable, Young Adult, adventure and adventurers; slavery; secretaries; kings, queens, rulers, etc.

Document Type

Book Review


Kamet the slave is staged to run the empire as the next emperor’s head slave, but things take a turn when he learns his master has been poisoned and killed. Rather than face torture and death, he flees. Joining up with an Attolian soldier who has promised him a new life in Attolia, Kamet and his companion go on a journey full of life-threatening setbacks. After a life full of mistrust as a slave, Kamet looks for any opportunity to escape on his own. But as the Attolian proves time and again his loyal nature, Kamet finds it harder to leave him behind. In the end, Kamet finds the new life he was searching for as well as a new sense of trust and loyalty he never expected.