Staci McCarty


Excellent, Toddler, Preschool, Primary, cows, bullying, science, math, engineering, acceptance

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Book Review


Prudence may look like a full-time cow, but to her herd, Prudence is just a little too part-time. Prudence tries her hardest to fit in with the herd, but she cannot contain her creative mind. She is a scientist, an architect, and an engineer. The herd is unimpressed with Prudence’s creativity and shuns her for being different. Just as the herd gives up on Prudence ever being a normal full-time cow, Prudence comes up with an ingenious plan to get the herd to like her. Prudence works all through the night and is finally accepted as a full-time member of the herd, still knowing she will always truly be a part-time cow.