Haley Cook


Significant Shortcomings, Primary, mystery, platypus, middle school, chapter book, illustrated, crime, humor

Document Type

Book Review


Rick Zengo has finally made it onto the Platypus Police Squad. His grandfather served on the squad and it has been Zengo’s dream to walk in his steps. Unfortunately, being on the force isn’t always smooth sailing. Zengo’s partner, O’Malley, is old, slow, and less motivated than Zengo. They have different philosophies on how to find the source of illegal fish that plague their city. It’s up to Zengo and O’Malley to work together to crack the case before more citizens get sick. Zengo must find a way to catch the distributor without stepping on the toes of his sergeant Plazinski and Pandini Jr., the city’s most popular philanthropist and business owner.