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Emily Loveless


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, comics & graphic novels, India, growing up

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Book Review


Priyanka Das doesn’t know who her father is, and her mother won’t talk about him or why she left India and her whole family behind before Pri was born. But Pri needs answers if she’s ever going to know who she really is. When Pri finds a magical pashmina, she is transported to an India more vibrant than she ever dreamed, even with that shadow lurking around. Out of the blue, Pri’s aunt invites her to stay for a week, and suddenly everything seems to be coming together, but the India Pri arrives in is more complicated than her visions showed. As she sees the layers in her cultural heritage, Pri learns her mother left India because her fiancé broke of their engagement after she became pregnant. In searching for family, Pri has discovered a culture of complicated, and not always pretty, history and expectations. She doesn’t find the father she imagined, but maybe she can be another link in the chain encouraging change.