Article Title

No Place to Fall


Meagan Andrus


Dependable, Young Adult, music, singing, teenager, high school, American South, relationships, drugs, family, friendship, romance, drama

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Book Review


Sixteen-year-old Amber Vaughn is a singer, and a good one at that. She dreams of the day when she can leave behind her small town and complicated family When an opportunity to audition for a performing arts high school comes up, Amber spends all her time singing and preparing to hopefully wow the judges. She makes beautiful music with Will, her best friend's older brother, and enjoys fun with friends. However, things soon get complicated: two new boys at the school cause problems; the state threatens to take away Amber's nephew when her sister and brother-in-law are arrested; and Will, with whom Amber finds herself falling in love, has a girlfriend. When everything in Amber's life becomes too twisted and tangled up, she has to grow up a little and figure out her own problems, with the help of some loving friends and family.