Sydnee Burr


Outstanding, Preschool, Nutcracker; Mary Engelbreit; Christmas; Ballet; Fairy Tales; Hoffmann

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Book Review


Marie receives a beloved gift for Christmas, a nutcracker. What she doesn't know however, is that her nutcracker is actually a handsome prince who is under a terrible spell. Late that night, magic is in the air, and from out of the darkness the evil Mouse King arrives to frighten Marie. Her nutcracker jumps to her defense, and a serious fight ensues. Victorious, the nutcracker returns to his former self, and takes Marie with him to Toyland. When Marie wakes the next morning, she's at home, and rushes downstairs to find her beloved nutcracker. Although she didn't find her beloved toy, she did find her charming prince, and when they grow up, they live happily ever after.