Emma Patton


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Race; transitions; identity struggles; friendship; middle school

Document Type

Book Review


Twelve-year-old Sophie starts off her summer with everything she could want: a best friend right across the street, a beautiful and confident sister, and a house in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. But, as the day her sister has to leave for college approaches, Sophie notices that things aren’t that perfect. Her father moves out and her mother becomes more emotionally distant. She notices that white people see her differently because she’s black, but her housekeeper scolds her for not having any black friends and for pretending to be white. As she spends the summer days preparing to audition for a local play, writing a story, and trying not to listen to the things the neighborhood kids say about her, she realizes that the more she sees of the world, the less welcoming it seems. The trick is to learn how to fit in without sacrificing the things that make her who she is.