Article Title

Guy In Real Life


Meagan Andrus


Excellent, Young Adult, teenager, school, friendship, online gaming, RPG, gender identity, family, relationships, romance

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Book Review


By chance one night, sixteen-year-old Lesh and eighteen-year-old Svetlana run into each other—literally. After that chance meeting, they begin eating lunch together at school and slowly learn they have more in common than they might think. On the outside, they’re total opposites: Svetlana is a blonde embroidery aficionado and expert dungeon master of her friend group’s RPG; Lesh is a gangly, metal-loving, black-wearing boy. While they get closer, Lesh begins playing an online fantasy game as a beautiful elfen priestess he names Svvetlana (two v’s), partly because he thinks messing with online nerds is fun, but mostly because he admires the real Svetlana so much, he sort of wants to be exactly like her. As Svetlana (one v) and Lesh get closer and start to fall for each other, Lesh has to face his true feelings for the girl he admires so much - does he want to be with her or does he just want to be her?