Article Title

A Darkly Beating Heart


Meagan Andrus


Excellent, Young Adult, Japan, history, revenge, teenager, time travel, shogun, samurai, art

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Book Review


Reiko wants nothing more than to exact revenge on everyone who has ever wronged her. While working in Japan with her aspiring fashionista cousin, she visits Kuramagi, a village determined to preserve historical accuracy. In Kuramagi, Reiko stumbles upon a historical artifact that allows her to step into the life of Miyu, a girl from the Edo period of Japan whose heart also craves vengeance. Reiko believes that in order to exact her own revenge, she has to help Miyu with hers. However, Reiko does not know all of the secrets surrounding her sojourns into Miyu’s life, or what has been going on in her own modern timeline. She learns the dangers of giving in to hate and is finally able to purge both herself and Miyu of their vengeful desires.