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Big Nate: Flips Out


Haley Cook


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, yearbook, 6th grade, editor, photographer, middle school, humor, comic, chapter book

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Book Review


Nate has just joined the yearbook club with his two best friends, Francis and Teddy, but to their dismay, the director is Gina, a bossy fellow sixth grader. Nate decides that his role in yearbook should be photographer so he can contribute lots of humorous candids for his fellow classmates to enjoy. Unfortunately, Nate is not known for being tidy and there’s no way Mrs. Godfrey, the audiovisual director, will allow him to take a camera - that is, unless Nate can convince Francis to borrow it for him. After receiving the borrowed camera from Francis, it goes missing and Nate must find it before his friendship with Francis is damaged forever.