Article Title

Another Little Piece


Cynthia Frazier


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Amnesia, Family Life, Supernatural, Immortality, Paranormal

Document Type

Book Review


Annaliese Rose Gordon was last seen the year before running out of the woods at a high school party, screaming and bleeding profusely from a head injury. Now she has been found walking along a road hundreds of miles away from her home with no memory of her life before or since. Though her parents are trying hard to help her adjust back to her old life, Annaliese still thinks of them as the mom, the dad or the parents. Annaliese is beginning to realize that her body doesn’t quite fit, and the memories and flashbacks she dreams of are of other girls in other situations, maybe even other lives. She sees oaths taken, lots of blood, and realizes she needs to find out who and what she is. When she finds the razor with names carved into the handle she begins to identify with one of them, Anna.