Article Title

And She Was


Meagan Andrus


Outstanding, Young Adult, transgender, teenager, mother/daughter, family, estranged, tennis, best friend, romance, road trip

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Book Review


Eighteen-year-old Dara has just graduated high school and wants her mother’s support for her to go pro in the tennis world. While searching for some legal documents, Dara discovers a major secret: her mother is actually her biological father, and transitioned when Dara was very young. Without waiting for a bigger explanation, Dara leaves to find some answers about her extended family. Along the way, her mother writes her e-mails to explain what she went through growing up and why she did what she did. Dara is at first happy with her new extended family but later realizes that large houses and personal chefs do not necessitate happy, supportive families. In the end, Dara is able to understand her mother on a deeper level than she ever has before and learn what being a family really means.