Article Title

Almost Paradise


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Single mom, families, strong female lead

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Book Review


Ruby Clyde, a twelve-year-old living with her single mother, wakes up in the back of Catfish’s car. Catfish is her mother’s boyfriend. Her mother, Babe, is sitting in the passenger seat. As a pit stop is made, Catfish impulsively commits an armed robbery, throwing both Catfish and Babe in jail. Ruby escapes to find her estranged aunt, her mom’s identical twin, who lives nearby. Aunt Eleanor is a nun suffering from cancer, and together they attempt to bail Babe out of jail. Catfish testifies against Babe and reports that she encouraged the robbery. Ruby is put up for adoption and Aunt Eleanor adopts her. However, Babe and Eleanor decide to swap places like they used to when they were young. Babe will be able to raise her daughter like she always should have, and Eleanor will serve God teaching the inmates about Him.