Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Adventure and adventurers; Supernatural; Friendship; Secret Societies; Mystery and detective stories; Paris (France)--History--17th century; France--History--Louis XIII, 1610-1643.

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Book Review


King Charles II invites Christopher and Tom to a party, where Christopher stumbles upon a poisoned guest and is attacked by an assassin. Acting quickly, Christopher and Tom save Charles and the king’s sister, Minette. Charles asks Christopher, Tom, and Sally to join Minette’s entourage to Paris so they can stop the assassins. Once in Paris, the three friends learn the origin of the curse on the French royal line. Christopher realizes the curse is being resurrected by a group of servants and nobles who want the Templar treasure for themselves. The mastermind servant over the assassination attempts flees, but his nobleman co-conspirators are exposed, thanks to Christopher, Tom, and Sally’s investigations.