Article Title

The Summer Invitation


Emilee Bell


Excellent, Young Adult, international, New York, sisters, adventure, summer, fashion, food, travel, French, coming of age

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Book Review


Fourteen-year-old Frances and seventeen-year-old Valentine, half sisters, are swept away to New York by their not-aunt Theo, former European model, author, and lover of Italian men. Valentine falls for the love she’s determined to find, breaks her heart, and finds her birth father. Flat-chested Frances learns that romance is in the memory, the anticipation, not the wild, desperate acts of passion. Both sisters explore the nooks of the City; satiate their curiosity with the help of their chaperone, Clover; and learn what it means to be a modern lady. The anticipated arrival of the mysterious Aunt Theo never comes to fruition, however, as Theo dies in Paris. While all the changes Franny and Val undergo during the summer aren’t permanent on the outside, they’re set in motion for adventures that change their life courses.