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The Peculiars


Cynthia Frazier


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, adventure, supernatural, goblin, prejudice, inheritance, Steampunk genre, library, steam engines, inventions

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Book Review


When Lena turns eighteen, an inheritance from her long-lost father allows her to get away from an overly protective home life. She sets out on the train to find him at the frontier, where outcasts and people with peculiar physical traits live. Nothing goes as planned, however. The train is held up, a dangerous prisoner is broken out, her purse is stolen, and she meets Jimson, a young man who is traveling to become a librarian for a famous inventor. She also meets Marshall Saltre, who wants Lena to spy on the man Jimson will be working for. Lena’s impulsive nature precipitates adventures for herself and those around her as she finally has her questions answered and dicovers her family roots.