Article Title

The Midnight Dance


Taylor Nelson


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, Ballet dancing, Schools, Memory, Brainwashing, Orphans, Italy

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Book Review


Penny is a lead ballerina at the Grande Teatro, an estate tucked in the countryside of Italy, where train twelve girls to become the finest ballerinas in the country. The school is run by the brooding and mysterious Master, who has a dark secret. When Penny begins to have flashes of memory of a life she doesn’t remember living, she begins to suspect that Master is employing mind control on the dancers. Assisted by Cricket, the kitchen boy, she investigates the school and tries to ward off Master’s growing suspicions that she knows what he is doing. Before the Midnight Dance, the culminating event where Master shows off his magnificent protegees, Penny must find a way to escape the estate and free the girls. With the help of some people from Master’s past, Penny discovers the key to escaping Master’s mind control and helps the girls break out of the estate and find their families.