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The Mesmerist


Tessa McMillan


Significant Shortcomings, Intermediate, Supernatural, Ocultism, Good and Evil, Identity, History, 19th Century, Great Britain, Victoria, 1837-1901

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Book Review


Ever since Jessamine Grace’s father was killed, she and her mother have earned a living working as spiritualists for London’s elite. Their work is a sham until one job causes Jessamine to actually receive deadly messages from the supernatural cult, Mephisto. Realizing Jessamine has the gift of mesmerism, communicating and interacting with the dead, her mother takes Jessamine to Balthazar, a half-faerie man who heads a small league of gifted youth dedicated to thwarting Mephisto and other evil forces. While Jessamine is training with Balthazar’s league, Jessamine’s mother is killed by Mephisto’s ghouls. Jessamine joins in the fight against Mephisto’s darkness, discovering along the way that she is half-faerie.