Article Title

The List


Katelyn Osborn


Dependable, Young Adult, adolescence, high school, beauty, ugly, belonging, bullying, friendship, dating, happiness

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Book Review


Every year at Mount Washington High School, The List goes up right before Homecoming. The four “prettiest” girls and the four “ugliest” girls are on it, and that’s all anyone can talk about. This year, the prettiest girls listed are freshman Abby, who wishes her sister could understand how much of an honor this is; sophomore Lauren, the new girl who’s only ever been homeschooled; junior Bridget, whose body transformation hasn’t been a healthy one; and senior Margo, who isn’t surprised to be there. The girls on the other side of the list are Danielle, who is worried about what her boyfriend will say when he sees he’s dating the “ugliest” freshman, sophomore Candace who doesn’t understand why she’s on the “ugly” list, Sarah who takes her nomination to make a statement, and senior Jennifer, who’s been named “ugliest” all four years she’s been at Mount Washington. The story follows all eight girls through finding out they’ve been Listed to the homecoming dance – the high points, the low points, and all the drama in between.